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3 Reasons The Blackhawks are the Arthur Murray of the NHL

By April 21, 2016May 30th, 2020Uncategorized

1. The Blackhawks are a Team that focuses on Playing the Game Right.

They are the definition of a true team, a confidence and a legacy that doesn’t waiver on their mission—to play great hockey and win together. They have single-handedly redefined a game that has often been all brute and smack-down brawn. Many have tried to knock them out of their commitment to HOW they play, taking hit after hit, trip after high stick, but it doesn’t seem to faze them.  They continue to do their own dance, sharing their winning strategy and their Hockey passion with the world.  One Goal…to the very end.

And what does a Ballroom Dance Lessons have to do with hockey, you ask?  History may say there’s nothing manly about it, yet sports teams around the globe are heading to dance floors and Ballet bars near them to improve their footwork, maneuvering skills, flexibility and core strength.  For over 100 years, Arthur Murray has a well played legacy in the Dance industry–sharing their extreme passion for all the benefits and joys of dancing with the world.  Others come up, and often go down but it doesn’t move them from their mission to give everyone that walks in, an amazing dance experience that will hit their desired Goals, and improve their skills.  Whether you want to be the Superstar player at a wedding, or a Salsa club, or you want to improve your Hockey, Basketball, Dating or Golf game, Arthur Murray can help you. They work as a team, like the beloved Blackhawks, sharing the knowledge and skills of the past, as well as the innovation of the present to bring power and experience to each collective school, each professional teacher.  If you like the physical action of Hockey, there’s plenty of it on the dance floor!  And you never know, a well played Salsa or Tango could lead to even better “physical action” later in the evening…

2. They have individual greats that are the Best of the Best in their positions.

There’s no question that ESPY winner Jonathan Toews is a seasoned team Captain that brings the Blackhawks culture and leadership to every practice, every face-off, and every line he plays on.  Each Arthur Murray location consists of leaders that share their culture of service and standard of excellence to every team of players.  The Blackhawks have a Superstar roster that brings their unique set of skills to the game they clearly love.  Andrew Shaw, Marian Hossa, Duncan Keith and lead scorer Patrick Kane bring their exceptional passing, skating and puck handling styles to each match-up, year after year.  You want to see some mad skills? Maybe a sweet Hat trick or two??  Each Arthur Murray Pro brings their unique Hustle, skillful Tango, and latest Salsa techniques to every lesson they teach.  Spins, dips, hits, fancy footwork and amazing lines are all part of a great dance lesson AND a great hockey game.   There may even be occasional bumps to the head when you’re dancing, but stop looking down and that won’t happen!  Eyes on the prize…

And what about Rookies, do they have what it takes?  Let’s talk about Artemi Panarin!  He’s come into the team just this year, making and assisting in more goals than any Rookie player.  He’s adapted to the culture in just a few short months.  The teaching team at any Arthur Murray has a wide variety of backgrounds from sports, teaching and dance skills that bring something unique to every team–even our rookies hit it out of the… Rink!

3. An overall standard of Excellence.

From the top down, Stan Bowman to coach Quenneville to the demeanor of Captain Toews, there is a standard of Excellence and consistency—to work with what you have and bring out the best of your players for the good of the whole.  No looking back on losses, or mistakes, those are in the past and we have one thing to do, live in the now and go for the Goal!  Making mistakes is part of life, growth, and every hockey game.  The ability to reset and move on when something goes awry seems to be instilled in the psyche of every Blackhawks player, as it should be for every dance and every life situation.  After all, mistakes teach you how to adapt, adjust, and improve your next direction. They teach you how to train your brain to let it go, switch to the present and think about what can make the next moment amazing.  As the great Wayne Gretsky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  And you’ll miss out on 100% of the experiences in life that you don’t get out there and try.  In Hockey, in life, and in Dance, take a risk, strive for the best, and do something fun, do something out of the ordinary.  And if you feel like tripping, try Tripping the Light Fantastic!! So consider taking Dance Lessons and bring fun to your life.