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Guaranteed Vacation Boosters: Must-Haves for Any #Tropical Getaway!

By May 10, 2016May 30th, 2020News & Events

Heading to a beautiful tropical paradise anytime soon?  At the very least, you could be heading to your nearby Arthur Murray for a Dance Vacation this very week!  Near, or far, it’s important to have an idea of, ‘What’s in your Naked and Afraid pouch?’ in consideration of any future getaways.   Maybe you have your list of amazing sun screens, aloe vera soothers, unscented but effective Mosquito repellent, and your best sun Hat and comfy flip flops.  But what about the best Non-tangibles that will make any vacation unforgettable??

1. A Sense of Adventure

Activity is not always something we think about when heading somewhere beautiful to relax.  But a certain amount of exercise will increase your endorphins and make you feel better– and if it’s a bit challenging, even better!  Snorkeling, scuba diving, boating, dancing, zip lining, swimming or hiking will all burn stress toxins as well as calories and add a dopamine release because you accomplished something!  Balance your beach or pool time with trying something new and moving your body, and you’ll be sure to feel happier, more present and more energized! So consider taking Dance Lessons to improve your life and increase your daily activities.

2. Mad Rumba skills

At almost every poolside bar, restaurant or beach party, you will hear a version of ‘Don’t worry, Be Happy’ or ‘Kokomo’ played by some Hawaiian shirted dude on a Casio Keyboard.  A romantic Rumba with it’s spins, turns and dips can replace the boring old slow dance (aka High School hang) to these fun tropical sounds.  And if the music breaks into a faster tempo?  Salsa, Salsa, Salsa!  Rumba is the base of most Latin dances, so the beauty of the going to the Arthur Murray Chicago Dance Studio means you can learn 4 dances in virtually the same time as one.  All the same swanky moves can be done in Salsa, Merengue, Cha-Cha, and Bachata—increasing your versatility and your cool factor!

3. Take Time to smell the….Birds of Paradise?

Taking time to enjoy the beauty around us is easily lost in our everyday lives—but it’s there!  When we look at beautiful things we increase our emotional resilience, our connection to the splendor that surrounds us, and our ability to change our mood.  On vacation, the ocean, sandy beaches, colorful fish, flowers, and breathtaking sunsets are just a few of the moments we should take in and capture to be fully engaged, as well as use for future reference.  Being able to refer back to those moments of vacation tranquility when life gets crazy, can bring a sense of calm and reflection to any situation.

Join us this week as we get ready for Summer!  Bring your Sense of Adventure, your Mad Rumba and Latin dance skills, and get ready to Enjoy the week with our #TropicalGetway parties and group lessons!