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Medal Ball: A Ticket to Excitement, Confidence and Growth

By April 27, 2016May 30th, 2020News & Events

Medal Ball: A ticket to Excitement, Confidence and Growth

Medal Ball is coming this Sunday, May 5th at Alhambra Palace from 2pm to 9pm. There will be graduation freestyles, solo routines, professional show numbers, great music, food, fun and lots of dancing. Those are the easy facts, but WHY should you attend??

1. Your teacher wouldn’t ask you to go and dance if they didn’t think you were ready!

They are proud of what you’ve accomplished and excited to share it with the Arthur Murray Chicago Dance Studio family! We know, from years of doing events that when you step outside of what is normal and comfortable for you, your Confidence will get a giant Boost. Do it for that, and the big Dopamine rush.

2. It’s a great day to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments…including yours!

We know it’s not easy with all you do in your life to graduate from a level. This is a milestone in your dance progress and it deserves some recognition. Pat yourself on the back, my friend, and join us in clapping for you, and everyone else who is dancing and making those spectacular achievements. You’ve earned it.

3. Are you missing anything?

There will be all kinds of dancers, dances and music to partake in and watch. This is a fantastic opportunity to see if there’s something you would like to add to your program. A personalized program should always be growing to keep it interesting, exciting and challenging for you. So take a look, and talk to your teachers about what you may want to add or do next!

4. Getting feedback from our Celebrity Adjudicators.

Whether you are excited about getting tips from our amazing panel of coaches or not, rest assured that your teachers are! Our panel of judges travels to events around the world because they love to share their passion for great dancing with you. They aren’t here to ‘judge’ you, but to give valuable feedback to you and your team of dance instructors to help with your Dance Lessons to feel and look even better. Make sure you have your coaching or critique times scheduled so you can hear the feedback directly from them!

Get your tickets today, and we’ll see you on the Dance Floor Sunday at 2pm!